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We specialize in API Integration into WordPress and Website Performance & Security Optimization solutions.

When you are looking for expert, high-quality, solutions, look no further than Excidium Tech!

Let us help improve the overall performance of your WordPress website or handle your API Integration needs.

What Makes Us Special?

Digital Solutions Done Differently!

In 2020, we shifted to focus on a niche service offering. That niche now includes API Integration into WordPress and Website Performance & Security Optimization. During this shift, we also changed how we offer our services to permit all of our clients to receive our best possible work while also being cost-effective and budget-friendly.

Instead of pricing projects individually and negotiating over cost and scope, we invest our own time and resources into developing every API Integration project that we take on. We build these projects in a specific way to ensure other clients can also utilize the solution. We implement any WordPress Hooks (actions and filters) to permit customizing the solution to the client’s specific needs.

The first client is then billed a lower, flat-rate instead of paying for the full cost of development. In exchange, we retain ownership of the source code and license the source code under the GNU General Public License. We provide the client with a License Key so that they can receive future updates to the solution.

Other clients can then purchase the solution at the same flat-rate that was billed to the first client. We handle any customization work required to ensure the solution is tailor-made to every client’s specific needs.

This approach has tremendously helped our clients and allows all of our clients to benefit from one another. API Integration Projects are set at a flat-rate of $4,500 and Website Performance & Security Projects are set at a flat-rate of $2,500.

Join the Excidium Tech community by choosing us to handle your API Integration into WordPress and/or Website Performance & Security Optimization Project. Benefit from lifetime future updates, which is rarely ever seen with custom development, to keep your custom development needs running at its best.

Our Recent Work

Client Solutions

From time to time, we take on other custom WordPress development work. Here we showcase our most recent custom development work. You can also visit the “Our Services” page to see some of our 100% Production-Ready Solutions that we have available.

What We Are Working ON

Our Solutions

We are enjoying working on our own projects and providing solutions to our customers. Learn more about those solutions here!

Extimizer - Extreme Website Optimization


Extreme Optimizer!

With an automated approach to website optimization, Extimizer helps your website achieve fast page load times. Configuration has been designed to be simple, although is often not required. Learn more about what Extimizer can do for your website!

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

– Origin Unknown

What our previous clients said about us!

Chris stepped into a difficult project and was able to take a complex set of requirements and deliver on them with excellence. Working to customize the open-source Moodle platform, Chris showed great programming ability. Over the many months of the project Chris had to work independently and solve challenging problems. He asked great questions and brought new ideas to the project that improved the final product immensely. He’s a great communicator and is able to think holistically to build smart solutions. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.

Claire Schneeberger

Chief Innovation Officer,Monarch Media, Inc.

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