Expert Website Development

At Excidium Tech, we will take your ideas and produce expertly crafted solutions to meet your needs. We will expand our own knowledge and obtain additional skills to ensure we provide the services you need. It it our goal to customize our services to conform to what you are looking for, not make you conform to what we are offering.

When you want a website development partner who is truly in your corner, look no further than Excidium Tech. Contact us today and let us help with our free initial consultation!

Challenge Accepted

We don’t believe in “impossible”!

What our clients love about us is that we produce solutions to bring our client’s ideas to life. Many of our clients will come up with some pretty exciting challenges that we must overcome. Sometimes, those challenges will seem impossible – at first. The more impossible your ideas are, the more excited we become. We refuse to accept defeat and will put in the time and effort to find viable solutions to break through any obstacles that may come up.

When you want an outside-the-box solution, you need a website development partner who can think outside the box. While we are great at programming, our true talent is our ability to problem solve. We will put your ideas through a holistic lens to find all of the pros, the cons, and potential obstacles that we may run into. We will begin planning alternative solutions and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Regardless of what we may run into, we have contingency plans – even for our contingency plans. It is our mission to plan ahead and have alternative paths predetermined so that we can prevent costly pitfalls. Effectively, we measure thrice and cut once!

Featured Projects

Our Favorite Projects!

We love every project that we work on. But, sometimes a project comes through that requires us to go further than we have ever gone before. Our most favorite projects are projects that push our own limits and require us to exceed our own capabilities. These projects are the true testament to how far we are willing to go to ensure we can bring our client’s ideas to life with an expertly crafted solution!

Custom Theme Development

We love working on custom theme development projects for WordPress. We provide both front-end and back-end development services to convert your design into a fully functional website. We use smart solutions to ensure you keep full control of all content on your website.

Custom Plugin Development

When you are customizing functionality for a website, a custom plugin is the only option. Most of our custom development projects include custom plugins to allow your functionality to remain intact when you change themes. Get your project done right, the first time!

Third-Party Theme Customization

We can work with nearly any third-party theme when you need to extend or customize the theme. We use child themes, at all times, to ensure our work remains in tact when the third-party theme is updated. We are standing by to tackle your theme customization needs.

Third-Party Plugin Customization

Many third-party plugins are developed in a generalized fashion. When you need unique functionality implemented into a third-party plugin, you need a professional capable of delivering. We can work with nearly any third-party plugin, as long as the plugin has the right hooks to tap into.

WordPress API Integration

Integrating third-party APIs into WordPress is our favorite service. We can integrate any API into WordPress and deliver the functionality you need. All API Integration is performed in a custom plugin, designed to be drag-n-drop, and can be integrated into a custom theme, third-party theme, or third-party plugins.

Digital Solutions Consultation

Not quite sure where to begin? We provide in-depth consultation to help take your idea and produce an actionable plan to bring it to life. We can help you navigate around any potential road blocks and create a well-defined scope to permit the development of your project to run smooth.

What our clients are saying about us!

Chris stepped into a difficult project and was able to take a complex set of requirements and deliver on them with excellence. Working to customize the open-source Moodle platform, Chris showed great programming ability. Over the many months of the project Chris had to work independently and solve challenging problems. He asked great questions and brought new ideas to the project that improved the final product immensely. He’s a great communicator and is able to think holistically to build smart solutions. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.

Claire Schneeberger

Chief Innovation Officer, Monarch Media, Inc.

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