2019 Special Offer

Throughout 2019 we are offering a Risk Free, No Obligation, service to clients looking to obtain a brand new website.  This promotional offer will end December 31, 2019.  If you are looking for a brand new website, contact us and take advantage of this Risk-Free offer today!

Risk-Free, Absolutely No Obligation!

A business website is an investment into your business.  Investments usually come with risks and commissioning a new website can be a risky endeavor.  With Excidium Tech, you can get a website built with absolutely no risk to you.  If you aren’t happy with the website we build for you, you are under no obligation to pay.

This offer is only available for our Standard Website Development service.

Starting at $2,500!

Our Standard Website Development service starts out at $2,500 for up to 10 pages.  Each additional page will be an additional $100 per page.  Standard services do not include custom plugin or custom theme development.  If you need custom development services, we can break your project up into two phases.  Our Risk-Free offer is not available for custom development work.

1 Year of Hosting - Free!

With this offer, we are providing clients with 1 year of hosting at absolutely no cost.  Once the year ends, you can determine whether to stay hosted with us or obtain your own hosting account.  If you obtain your own hosting account, we will help you migrate your website at no additional cost.

Optimized Website!

Included in the development of your website, your website will be optimized from the very beginning.  Our optimization efforts will help ensure your new website loads fast!

No Down Payment!

That’s right!  For this offer, we are not requiring a down payment.  Pay only if you are happy with our work!

No Risk / Obligation!

You will only be billed if you are happy with our work and want to obtain your new website.  If you aren’t happy, there is absolutely no obligation to pay.

Free Discabi Subscription

Every client who obtains a website from us, throughout 2019, will receive Discabi’s Founder Subscription for 1 year – at no additional cost.  Improve your SEO with an additional link back to your website.  Discabi is a project we brought to life to provide an effective way for consumers to find local businesses with ease.


If you have a Google Analytics account, we will get it connected to your new website.  We will make sure your website links to any and all social media platforms you may have.

For clients who opt to host with us, we will also implement image optimization and take care of keeping your website up to date for as long as your website remains hosted with us.

If you have any other requests or requirements, we can discuss them and see if we can get them included during initial development.

Limited Time Promotion

For a limited time, you can receive a chance to get 2% to 100% off of the Initial Development of your website.

What we have to say!

While it is unfortunate, we have worked with many clients who have had negative experiences with a freelancer or agency before they hired us.  Commissioning a new website can be very risky, primarily because almost everyone requires a significant down payment before they start working.  If you aren’t happy with their work, you either have to pay more to have them make revisions, hire someone else to make revisions, or (in the worst case scenario) scrap the entire project and start over.  Small businesses often do not have a lot of wiggle room for taking a huge risk on building their new website.  For this, we are offering a chance for small businesses to see what they are going to get before any money exchanges hands.

Christopher Ervin

Technical Director, Excidium Tech, LLC

Looking for a new website?

If you are in the market for a new website, we are here to help!  For our Standard Website Development service, we will build your new website with absolutely no risk to you.  We are confident that our clients will be happy with the website we build and are happy to provide our new clients with a Risk-Free offer.  What do you have to lose?  Contact us today and let’s build something wonderful together!