Financing WordPress Development...

I am proud to offer Special Financing on my WordPress Development Services through Fundbox Pay!

One of the most daunting aspects of being a Freelance WordPress Developer is negotiating payment schedules. Many clients would prefer not to pay anything down until they see a final product. However, most Professionals won't start without at least 50% in hand. With Fundbox Pay, I am able to offer my clients special financing terms. Clients can pay 0% down and have up to 52 weeks to pay off the balance. If you are in need of a major overhaul, and want to finance your development costs, look no further than Digital Architechs!

Interested in Special Financing?

Fundbox Pay can help you get a high-quality website today and pay for it tomorrow.  Contact me today to get special financing!

Fundbox Pay...

Fundbox Pay provides established businesses with a line of credit that can be used to pay their vendors.

I use Fundbox to clear outstanding invoices and permit longer periods for clients to pay. I realized Fundbox had another service (Fundbox Pay) and immediately signed up. Established Businesses can obtain a line of credit with no paperwork, no credit check, and can get approved within the same day. Fundbox reviews your business bank account to determine your approval and the line of credit. Don't fuss over an arbitrary credit score, Fundbox Pay approves you based on the current standing of your business.

Once approved, clients obtain a NET 60 Payment Schedule and can convert it to provide financing with up to 52 weeks to pay off the balance. This financing is offered to you and Fundbox Pay pays your vendor right away. Your vendors are happy they get paid and you can take up to a year to pay; an absolute win/win. You get what your business needs and won't need to tap into your working capital to get it. Why pay for a website, when the website can pay for itself?

Benefits to Financing...

Fundbox Pay provides countless benefits and no downsides, take the risk out of your WordPress Development project.

The most important benefit is that your vendor gets paid immediately! As a Freelance WordPress Developer, this means I am going to be able to focus on providing superb craftsmanship without worrying about payment schedules. This also permits me to work on my client's environment, deliver code continuously, and have much less risk involved. Most projects will be completed before the client makes a first payment on the project!

Another benefit is that you can obtain a higher credit limit than your allotted budget! When you only have $3,000, but want $6,000 in work, Fundbox Pay can provide you with a larger budget. The financing then allows you to pay it over a much longer period of time. You can spend that $3,000 on your business, such as advertisement, marketing, or other ways to improve revenue gain. With the financing through Fundbox Pay, you can see higher quality work that provides a higher return on investment.

Removing payment schedules from the negotiation process is the largest benefit! NO down payment, NO milestone payments, and LOWER risk.

No Down Payment!

How would you like to get your WordPress Development needs handled with absolutely no down payment and up to a year to pay?

Closing Statement

Clients who are interested can get started by visiting Fundbox Pay to apply!

Even if you apply to Fundbox Pay and get approved for a line of credit, you can utilize Fundbox Pay to pay other vendors. There is absolutely no obligation to utilize my WordPress Development services. On your Fundbox Pay Dashboard, you can send invites to other vendors - to allow them to take advantage of Fundbox Pay as well. If you run a business where you invoice clients, you can also sign up for Fundbox using your Accounting Software to be able to clear outstanding invoices.

Clients who are interested in using Fundbox Pay will need to sign up and get approved prior to a project starting. If you aren't approved for as much as the quote, I can work with you to mix multiple payment avenues. I recommend any client to check out Fundbox Pay and see if it may be beneficial for their business; I am one of very few Freelance WordPress Developers who accepts Fundbox Pay and can provide flexible payment terms through it.

Contact me today to get started on your Free Initial Consultation; even if you don't get approved for Fundbox Pay, I am always willing to negotiate to find a fair payment schedule.