Hassle-Free WordPress Development

It is quite impressive how many businesses will commission a new website and then not engage with it after it has been launched.  With Excidium Tech, you can get a brand new (100% up-to-date) website that is designed to be completely hassle-free.  In addition to the initial development of your website, we include hosting and maintenance at absolutely no cost.  We want to be your full-service technical partner, not just build a site and forget about it.  We care about every project we take on and we want to make sure our hard work is properly cared for and maintained.

Risk-Free, Absolutely No Obligation!

A business website is an investment into your business.  Costs vary and commissioning a new website can be risky.  With Excidium Tech, you can commission a new website with absolutely no risk to you.  If you aren’t happy with our proof of concept, you are under no obligation to pay nor to continue having your website built out.

This offer is not available for custom development services.

Limited Time Promotion

For a limited time, you can receive a chance to get 2% to 100% off of the Initial Development of your website.

Hassle-Free Website

While it is unfortunate, many clients tend to commission a website and end up neglecting it.  A website requires routing maintenance to keep your investment running optimally.  Not only do we build your website, but we intend to care for your website to keep it running smooth.  For a truly hassle-free experience, we provide 2 years of hosting and routine maintenance at no additional cost.

Deferred Down Payment!

Before you make any payments, we will consult with you and produce a proof of concept.  The proof of concept will include a homepage and up to 2 additional pages.  Upon your review, we can continue building out your website.  If you choose to proceed, only then will we request a down payment.  The down payment will be 50% and the remaining 50% will be due upon completion.

No Risk / Obligation!

Once we have built the proof of concept, you will have the opportunity to review the website.  If you are not happy, you are under absolutely no obligation to move forward with the project.  Since we do not require a down payment, until you have reviewed the proof of concept, there is absolutely no risk to you to engage our services.

Fully Optimized Website!

Optimization shouldn’t be an afterthought, we ensure optimization is implemented from the very beginning.  We handle image resizing, image optimization, performance optimization, and more.  We ensure all websites receive great performance scores from GTMetrix, Google PageSpeed, and Pingdom.  Your new website will load fast, to provide your visitors with a great user experience.

Hosting and Maintenance

With our hassle-free WordPress development service, we provide clients with 2 years of hosting and maintenance.  Valued at $2,500, our hosting and maintenance service provides on-going optimization, routine back-ups, routine updates, and comes with our Error-Free Guarantee.  Just sit back and know your website will be there for any and all visitors you will receive.

After the initial 2 years, the cost will be $1,250 per year for continued hosting and maintenance.  This service is billed on a yearly basis only and payment is due 30 days prior to the end of your service period.  If a client wishes to relocate, or terminate this service, we will move your website for you at absolutely no additional cost to you.

Terminating the hosting and maintenance service will result in loss of access to Premium Plugin / Theme Licenses and any third-party service that we pay for on behalf of our clients.  In this scenario, clients will need to obtain their own licenses and subscriptions for such third-party resources.  We will provide clients with a full list of all paid third-party resources used within their website.

Social Media, SEO, and Analytics

We handle integration with your social media accounts, such as automatically posting to social media when new blog articles are created.  We also integrate your analytic accounts so that we can see how your users are using your website.

For SEO, we only provide technical SEO services.  We can ensure your website is optimized for search engines, but we do not provide content writing services by default.  We also do not provide services for off-site SEO.  Both content and off-site SEO are very important aspects to ensuring a website is highly effective for search engine ranking.

Limited Custom Development

We can provide limited custom development within this services.  By limited, we mean custom development for aesthetic purposes only.  For example:  If you request a custom post type, we will need to build out a custom shortcode if you want to display a list of posts (called an archive).

For any custom functionality, other than rendering content already found within the website, additional charges will apply.

The amount of custom development that can be seen, without increasing costs, will be dependent upon the total scope of the project.

Up to 30 pages for content!

During the initial build, we will create up to 30 pages to house your content.  If content services are required, additional charges will apply.  The exact number of pages we can produce will depend on a number of factors.  Clients who need additional features (eCommerce, Affiliates, …ect) may see fewer pages than clients who just need a corporate or brochure website.

Once we have determined the scope of the project, we will inform the client as to how many pages we can handle.

Additional Pages are $250 per page.

Free Discabi Subscription

Every client who obtains a website from us, throughout 2019, will receive Discabi’s Founder Subscription for 1 year – at no additional cost.  Improve your SEO with an additional link back to your website.  Discabi is a project we brought to life to provide an effective way for consumers to find local businesses with ease.

Error-Free Guarantee

For as long as a client continues to host their website with us, we provide a 100% Error-Free Guarantee.  We will resolve any typographical errors, design errors, programmatic errors, and even future-incompatibility errors.

When you host with Excidium Tech, we guarantee your website will be in optimal working condition at all times.  If anything occurs, we will spring into action at no additional cost to our clients.

Website Policies

We provide a Terms and Conditions policy, a Privacy Policy, and a Cookies Policy to ensure your website meets minimum legal requirements.  These policies are standardized, we do not guarantee accuracy nor completeness of coverage.  We recommend clients consult with an attorney to ensure the accuracy of such policies.

What we have to say!

While it is unfortunate, we have worked with many clients who have had negative experiences with a freelancer or agency before they hired us.  Commissioning a new website can be very risky, primarily because almost everyone requires a significant down payment before they start working.  If you aren’t happy with their work, you either have to pay more to have them make revisions, hire someone else to make revisions, or (in the worst case scenario) scrap the entire project and start over.  Small businesses often do not have a lot of wiggle room for taking a huge risk on building their new website.  For this, we are offering a chance for small businesses to see what they are going to get before any money exchanges hands.

Christopher Ervin

Technical Director, Excidium Tech, LLC

Looking for a new website?

If you are in the market for a new website, we are here to help!  For our Standard Website Development service, we will start building your new website with absolutely no risk to you.  We are confident that our clients will be happy with the website we build and are happy to provide our new clients with a Risk-Free offer.  What do you have to lose?  Contact us today and let’s build something wonderful together!