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The website development profession is vast and comes with many different specializations.  We are always looking for other freelancers and agencies that we can partner with.  If you are in the website development industry and want a technical partner for programming and coding services, contact us today!

Success in Numbers

Clients often need more services than any one freelancer or agency can provide, especially since there are many specializations in our industry.  We welcome any discussions with regards to forming partnerships with other professionals in the website development industry.

Website / UI / UX Designers

We love working with designers, especially those specializing in user interface and user experience design.  Your designs go through a meticulous process before they are born and you need a partner who is going to understand your process and bring your vision to life.  If you are a designer, looking for a development partner, we’d love to hear from you!

Content Specialists

You know that content is king, but also know that it doesn’t matter how great the content is if the website isn’t built to highlight your content.  Regardless of whether you specialize in content for products, corporate language, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, or any other specialization, we’d love to hear from you.

eLearning Curators

So you work countless hours building exciting course content, only to find out that the client’s website is severely lacking.  We’ve worked on building eLearning solutions that highlight your prices course content.  Not all learning management systems are intuitive and we can build a web solution that taps into the LMS of choice to build a smarter eLearning system.

Marketing Specialists

Marketing is a key aspect to building and growing a business.  Regardless of what types of marketing service you provide to clients (email marketing, social media marketing, and others) we know how valuable a well-crafted website can be.  A quality website can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.  Contact us today and let’s talk.

Website Development

Maybe you have landed a client who’s project is 80% within your realm of capabilities, but 20% of the client’s scope consists of custom development requirements.  We enjoy partnering with other freelancers and agencies to handle any advanced, or custom, development needs.

Other Partnerships

If you work in a field that depends on a quality website, we would love to talk with you to discuss how we may be of service.  We’ve partnered with many different freelancers and agencies over the years.  We always look forward to joining forces and delivering effective solutions to clients.

What we have to say!

While we are looking for partnerships, we cannot guarantee that we will be interested in sub-contract opportunities.  We have noticed that we provide more effective services when we work in a consultant capacity.  Our primary mission is to take the goals that a client has and provide direction on how those goals can be more effectively accomplished.  We want to work with other professionals who are also providing services to the client.  Unfortunately, we are not interested in arrangements where our partners are not actively providing services to the client.

Christopher Ervin

Technical Director, Excidium Tech, LLC

Want to discuss a partnership?

There is no obligation, feel free to reach out and let’s talk.  We can learn more about one another and decide if a partnership would be in the best interests to both parties and prospective clients.  Simply fill out our contact form and mention, at the top of the message, that you are interested in a partnership.  We thank you for considering Excidium Tech and look forward to hearing from you.

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