AAPC - Member Directory

The AAPC Member Directory project required a custom plugin to integrate the YourMembership API.  Purposefully, this was to produce a viable Member Directory for AAPC's Political Consultants.  The project consisted of custom theme development (for views) and custom plugin development.  The member directory was also required to reside on a single page (/find-a-consultant/).

Custom WordPress Development

When it comes to API Integration, there is always a concern about performance issues due to the time it takes to make an API call and receive the response. With over 1,000 members (at the time of development), I aimed to ensure that the API Integration wouldn't produce any performance issues. The initial pull of members is performed by obtaining a CSV dump (from YourMembership) and parsing it to store the data. The client wanted a lot of the data to be used as filters, so advanced parsing functionality was required. The filters were generated (in advance) to produce very fast load times when using various filters.

The client also wanted their members broken down by Company, versus individual members, and have members (who were all connected) to be listed under the company. Member Photos were not provided through the initial API Call, so when the "Details" page is visited, it obtains Member Photos to keep the sync functionality running smooth. All data is stored in custom MySQL database tables, using custom MySQL queries to obtain the data. The plugin can be moved from one installation to another with ease; as long as the short codes are placed in the proper pages for rendering.

The Search Results page was required to load via AJAX, so custom AJAX functionality was put into play to permit loading results this way. Due to filtering the results (in advance), the filtering and pagination functionality loads smooth and quick. Some additional functionality was added to keep the back button functionality with the AJAX pagination/filtering; focusing on an effective User Experience. Clicking on the results were set up to produce a new window so that end-users can compare multiple Political Consultants with ease.

This project was pulled shortly after working on the PT Locator project, from the same Professional Client. There were several issues that came up throughout development and I worked closely with my Professional Client to ensure we could provide the end-client with a very effective solution.

  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Custom PHP Programming
  • Custom MySQL Administration
  • YourMembership API Integration
  • Custom Theme Development
  • AJAX Pagination and Filtering
  • Automated Data Sync Functionality

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