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I was brought in to tackle a very interesting challenge of integrating the third-party API from SellerVantage (now CrossPostIt) into WooCommerce (for WordPress).  SellerVantage's API was not suitable for what we were looking to accomplish; however, after a few discussions (with their development team), their team made a few adjustments to allow us to use the API the way we needed to.

Custom WordPress Development

All For Funds is a consignment business where each product will only have a stock of 1; in order to sell a single product, on multiple sales channels, we had to make sure everything was able to talk to one another. The end-client utilized SellerVantage / CrossPostIt to post her products to eBay (and other channels), so having the new WordPress website talk to SellerVantage / CrossPostIt was critical. Using WPLister for eBay (and their Importer plugin) we pulled products from eBay, then utilized the SellerVantage / CrossPostIt ID (assigned to the products) to communicate with SellerVantage / CrossPostIt. Once the products was loaded, the Import Tool was used to update product information, import additional items, and a custom WooCommerce Plugin was developed to communicate effectively.

The custom plugin, for the SellerVantage / CrossPostIt Integration, was designed to communication during various actions: 1.) View Item. 2.) Add Item to Cart. 3.) Update Cart. and 4.) Before Checkout. The items were required to make sure they were still available for sale, before they could be purchased on the WordPress website. Upon successful purchase, another call was made (to SellerVantage / CrossPostIt) to provide information on the sale - to update the products and remove them from listing (on other sales channels). While the WordPress website would replicate a good bit of functionality, found on SellerVantage / CrossPostIt, the end-client was still able to manage her products in SellerVantage / CrossPostIt - instead of through the WordPress website (as was requested). The fact that the SellerVantage / CrossPostIt team was willing to make modifications, to their API, was critical to the success of the project.

  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Custom PHP Programming
  • Third-Party API Integration
  • SellerVantage / CrossPostIt API
  • WooCommerce Development

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