Caldera Registry

I was selected to help implement functionality to permit end-users to post user-specific content into a custom WordPress website.  With the use of Advanced Custom Fields and a Member Roles plugin, I made swift work of the functionality.

Custom WordPress Development

The interesting aspect of this project was that content posted by a single user could only be visible to other users with the same Member Role; due to this custom search and filter functionality was implemented to ensure users would only receive results from the posts they were permitted to access. Another challenge was to enable one post type to be linked (as a parent) to another post type, displaying the child posts within a parent post. Lastly, custom CSV export functionality was created to allow aggregated exporting of various post data for loading into a spreadsheet.

  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom PHP Programming
  • Advanced Custom Fields (Plugin)
  • Members (Plugin)

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