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When it comes to WordPress, customizations have to be done through various hooks (actions / filters); directly editing plugins produces a huge risk as any update to the plugin would render all customizations removed.  I was brought in to correct some mistakes that other sub-contracted developers had made.  This website project required making customizations to BuddyPress, bbPress, and Paid Memberships Pro.

Custom WordPress Development

This project produced some interesting requirements: 1.) Several areas (including Widgets) needed to obtain gating to show different content based on whether the user was logged in, logged out, has a pending membership, or has an approved membership. 2.) Custom Filtering functionality was requested for the Topics Archive page (not the Forum View) of bbPress, to permit not having to utilize the Forum View. 3.) Plugins needed to be combed to remove any direct modifications (made by other sub-contractors) and the functionality needed to be recreated properly. 4.) Visual Composer buttons needed to have multi-state functionality to change the button based on a logged in or logged out state. 5.) Members had to be hidden from the Member List until they obtained an "Approved" status for their Membership. 6.) Security elements had to be applied to ensure no user (except those with an Approved Membership) could view content found within the site.

The project was a rush project, which required quickly resolving all of the issues; total time spent was nearly a week and a half - just slightly missing the soft deadline. In order to find all the direct edits, made to the plugins, a custom script was created to pinpoint differences on a line-by-line basis (combing two directories, for comparison); the script was run to compare fresh downloads of plugins (in an Origin directory) to the plugins found within the website (the Comparison directory).

  • Custom WordPress Development
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  • Custom PHP Programming
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  • bbPress Development
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  • Previous Developer Error Correction

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