Pacific Pile & Marine Redesign

While Phase 1 introduced some new functionality, Pacific Pile wanted an entirely new theme - to be more modern and allow them to compete with some of there larger competition (Phase 2).  The point of contact, at the company, was very ambitious about building the website correctly and was really excited to work with me (I provided highly in-depth consultation) to help guide their vision.

Custom WordPress Development

Pacific Pile's new theme consisted of many unique views, as they were aiming to produce pages to provide as much information as possible. One of the key requirements, to the project, was to permit easy posting (of new posts) to various social media outlets and to keep a very accurate track of how end-users interacted with the website. The point of contact wanted to learn from the end-users, so that they could make more informed decisions about what types of content to post, how to rearrange how content was laid out, and what efforts were working (or not working). This is the type of project that many freelancers dream about as the client relies heavily on you for guidance.

Not only did I handle PSD to WordPress Conversion (in a Custom Theme): I also implemented a multi-site with 2 other projects (also by Pacific Pile), had a heavy hand in what components (in the mock-ups) were implemented into the final design, and tried to guide the client away from using a lot of sliders (finding alternative ways to display the content, without impeding usability). The entire project spanned nearly 300 hours of development, across 6 months (for design and development), and contains some of the most extensive custom development work I have done to date.

This project is fairly massive, so a detailed report of what was done is a bit out of the question; for clients who want more information, I handled everything (from the ground up) with regards to both front-end and back-end code to produce the design and functionality of the entire site.

  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom PHP Programming
  • Custom HTML5 Development
  • Custom JavaScript Programming
  • Custom CSS Styling
  • Close Consultation

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