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Associations generally utilize an Association Management System (AMS) to handle association membership.  Often, those systems can lack when it comes to rendering a Membership Directory.  The project for the Physical Therapist (PT) Locator was one of those times.  Section on Women's Health wanted to display their member directory so that members could be searched by location easier.  A custom WordPress Plugin was created to tap into NetForum Pro to have membership data injected into WordPress - to be used with the Listify Premium WordPress Theme.

Custom WordPress Development

NetForum Pro's API was a bit more complex and did not have a straight-forward method to obtain data. Instead, primary data was loaded over a single API call and additional data required an extra API call per each member. This lead to a large amount of API calls, which made importing all of the data span a period of several hours. Furthermore, updating data had to be done in short bursts to prevent from hitting API timeout limits. A CSV file had to be downloaded from NetForum directly, which was then used to make all of the subsequent API calls that was required. However, the data had to be loaded into a temporary MySQL table. With some PHP/JS magic, the importer would parse a small sub-set of that data and automatically reload to continue processing the import process.

The functionality was contained in a custom WordPress plugin. The custom work included building code to connect to the API, making the API calls (through cURL), and programmatically inserting/updating listing posts. Many challenges were conquered, especially with regards to ensuring the data imported remain synced with the API. Once the primary code was finalize, an automated update system was created to keep data in sync.

I was initially brought in to "fix two lines of code" and found out that the previous developer didn't even have basic functionality created. Unfortunately, this resulted in me having to start the project from scratch to ensure it could be completed.

  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Custom PHP Programming
  • Custom MySQL Administration
  • NetForum Pro API Integration
  • YourMembership Pro API Integration
  • Listify Theme Integration
  • Previous Developer Error Correction

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