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Once you learn one Content Management System, they are all fairly easy to navigate; while I am specialized in WordPress Development, I jumped at the chance to work on a Joomla! website.

Joomla! Development

After helping another website developer, through sub-contracting, set up SSL Certificates on several websites, I was brought in to tackle a small eCommerce project on a Joomla! website. The task was to take a previous implementation of eCommerce (made using PayPal Add To Cart Buttons) and implement an eCommerce Solution using eShop (a Component). While most of the work involved copying over content, configuring the eShop Component, and testing a Merchant Solutions gateway, it was very interesting to work on a new content management system to learn more about how other systems differ from WordPress.

While the work was more on the side of configuration, I was able to quickly learn and navigate the administration dashboard. While it was fairly easy to adapt, I still prefer the WordPress administration dashboard as it does appear to be much more user friendly. The Joomla! dashboard seems to be a bit on the outdated side (by default) and could use a bit of an update; however, this is all my personal opinion.

My client (for this project) was referred to me by another client (also a WordPress Developer) and both of them have a running bet to see whether I will stay with WordPress Development or head over to Joomla! (reported to be the "Dark Side"). While I do enjoy the WordPress Administration panel more than the Joomla! Administration panel, I am definitely interested in taking on some more Joomla! projects. Only time will tell who will win that bet!

  • Joomla! Development
  • Component Configuration
  • eCommerce Development
  • PHP Programming

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