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Another project from our time as Digital Architechs, All For Funds was developed in partnership with Swanson Designs (a development company based in Denver, CO).  The client was utilizing Seller Vantage (now CrossPostIt) and wanted a self-managed website without having to stop using Seller Vantage.  The project required API Integration with Seller Vantage and presented us with a number of highly complicated issues to solve.

Product Listing

The products were imported from eBay using WP Lister Import from eBay to WooCommerce.  Many of the photos were landscape and some were portrait.  The import didn’t provide information on which orientation an image was, so we had to build custom funtionality to ensure they rendered properly within the Product Listing page.

Seller Vantage API

One of the challenging issues was the API we had to integrate.  The API was not designed to work with Seller Vantage the way we needed it to (accessing internal data), but instead it was designed to input data – from the outside.  We worked with developers, from Seller Vantage, to get a few improvements made to their API – which they were quick to implement.


The largest reason we couldn’t take out Seller Vantage was because the client ran a consignment business.  Most of her inventory was sold on behalf of her clients, which Seller Vantage had support for tracking consignment commissions.  Due to her only having 1 item in stock, we implemented a reservation script to make sure only 1 user could buy a single product.

One Item, Multiple Sales Channels

Since the client was using Seller Vantage, she was posting products on multiple sales channels and we were importing those products into WooCommerce.  Since she had 1 item in stock, we had to make frequent API calls to ensure the product hadn’t sold on any of the other channels before selling on her site.  This required an “internal ID” from Seller Vantage, which is what we had to gain access to – for the API.

Pushing the Envelope

If you ask the creators of WP Lister, their Import Tool was not designed for what we were using it for.  In fact, they recommend against it.  However, it was an effective tool for pulling all of the information and being able to track when products sold on eBay.  Once the products were imported, we connected to Seller Vantage to get some more information and then used Seller Vantage to track the product’s status.


While the client’s requirements were definitely unique, we build all custom plugins to be reusable.  The custom plugin for Seller Vantage’s API is still viable for CrossPostIt and has continued working for over 2 years.  We added in an Administration Dashboard to allow the plugin to be installed on other websites.  With a little more finesse, it can be used to upload products to CrossPostIt, from WordPress.

What our clients are saying about us!

My first impression of Chris was that he put his all into everything he does. I posted a job online and laid out exactly what I was looking for, the scope of the project and the role I was looking to fill. I included some details so applicants could get a reasonable idea of whether their skills fit what I was looking for. Ignoring the copy/paste submissions, I received about 60 real inquiries. Chris’s was immediately different from all of them. He wrote 1200 words about why he was the right person for the job, why his skills matched my needs and how he could contribute to the success of the project. I think I had made up my mind before I finished the email. I had to know what kind of work I would get from someone who put this kind of effort into applying for a job.

Once we got started it became very clear that I needed to expand Chris’s role. The division of labor was supposed to be me running the project and sending tasks to Chris. After talking to him about a few of my concerns he took on much more of a consulting role. It is a really good thing too. We avoided some seriously costly pitfalls because of his input. It became clear that we were going to have to get another company to improve their API in order to meet the client’s needs. I’ll say that again, in order to complete our project we forced another company to improve their product. Without Chris, I would have just assumed we could not do it the way I wanted. Chris not only figured out that their API did not work the way we wanted, but that it both could and should! I’ll admit that this project was a little more complicated, than most of my other projects, but having someone on the team who is imagining the many paths forward, concepting them out and balancing the pros and cons of each option is absolutely invaluable.

Graham Swanson

Chief Executive Officer, Swanson Designs, LLC

Impossible? What's that?

All For Funds presented us with many challenged and wouldn’t have been possible to complete without Seller Vantage/CrossPostIt improving their API.  Instead of just stopping there, and giving up, we work on our client’s behalf to ensure we can accomplish their product.  We will talk to other companies to see what can be done to permit us to continue.  Impossible doesn’t exist in our vocabulary, it simply means we have yet to find a way and we won’t give up until we do.  Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

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