Caldera Registry

This project was commissioned by Caldera Medical to allow physicians to submit patient evaluations through a web portal.

This project presented several unique challenges that had to be overcome. Each medical practice needed to allow multiple employees to access submitted data. For confidentiality purposes, data submitted could only be accessed by the practice and the site administration.

Serviced Provided

Work We Performed:

  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Third-Party Plugin Customization
  • Front-End Development (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Back-End Programming (PHP)

Included Functionality

Project Consists Of:

  • Custom Search
  • Custom Filter
  • ACF Front-End Forms
  • Custom CVS Export
  • Advanced User Roles

Pre-Development Insight

The Problem We Faced!

Some may think user-submitted content would be a challenge. It was easy, the issue was how user-submitted content was utilized. Multiple users needed to access the same data, but only if they belonged to the right practice. Due to patient confidentiality concerns, there was no wiggle room for error.

This project was no small feat. Many hooks were tapped into to restrict what content was to be displayed. We couldn’t rely on a lot of standard functionality. An impressive amount of custom code was required to produce the functionality that the client desired.

Evaluation Dashboard

Caldera Registry included utilizing ACF Front-End Forms, so that Medical Practices could upload data collected during Patient Evaluations.  Each practice could only interact with their own data and could not see or interact with any data from other practices.

Evaluation Tracking

A primary purpose of Caldera Registry was to permit tracking of Patient Evaluations.  Using custom code, a table was produced which showed which evaluations were obtained.  The data could be sorted by many metrics, all of which required custom functionality.

Patient Summary

From the Evaluation Dashboard, users could view individual Patient information.  This helped with being able to review evaluations from a single location to review how the patient was doing post-op.  This page also displayed notifications when evaluations were due.

Editing Content

To make editing content easier, we used ACF Front-End Forms and Sidr.  Sidr is a jQuery Plugin that triggered a sidebar to slide out when a button is clicked.  Users could update their data, click submit, and would be brought back to the same page for review.

Evaluation Submission

The Patient Evaluations were unique based on what medical device was utilized.  Once a record had been assigned a Product Family, the options for evaluation forms would change.  From a single page, users could submit data on every single type of evaluation with ease.

Data Export

User roles were created for a medical practice, so that multiple users could access the same set of data.  Exporting data required custom functionality to ensure that users were exporting only the data associated to their user role.

Our Thoughts!

Custom projects, like this one, are really hard to estimate effectively. There are so many road blocks (and even landmines) that need to be navigated through. Luckily, we didn’t run into anything we couldn’t handle.

We love projects like this! Primarily, because we get to pave into new territory. We love being innovators and creating custom solutions to bring a client’s concept to life!

Christopher Ervin

Technical Director,Excidium Tech, LLC

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