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We love working with new APIs and the PT Locator project, for Section on Women’s Health, presented us with two.  At first, SOWH was using netFORUM Pro (by Abila) for their Association Management Software.  After the first API Integration, we were brought back to change the custom plugin for YourMembership’s API.  The change to their API presented their Physical Therapist Locator project with a huge performance boost.

YourMembership Integration

The PT Locator project uses Listify, a premium theme, which handles most of the heavy lifting.  Our task was to build a custom plugin that connected to an API to import data into Listify’s custom post type (Listings).  As for the APIs, YourMembership was developed to be much more friendly for importing data into a website.

Efficient Development

It isn’t every day that we end up brought back onto a project to handle a drastic overhaul to work we have already completed.  However, due to the way we approached development of the client’s custom plugin, we were able to swap the APIs with ease.  We always build our code with the future in mind, so that our code can adapt with the client’s needs.


We were brought onto this project by another agency, after another sub-contractor flaked on the project.  While we did have to start from scratch, we made sure to keep the development costs at an effective rate.  We hate to see when other professionals leave clients hanging.

Association Management Software

If you are running an association and are looking to improve your member directory, we can work on a number of AMS APIs.  While we prefer working with YourMembership, we welcome any AMS API project you may have available!

What we have to say!

My favorite types of projects are the ones that present me with new opportunities.  On this project, I was able to work with two new APIs and exceeded expectations both times.  While I can understand that many clients prefer to work with someone who has specific experience, taking on new work presents us developers with a way to grow.  Each time I tackle a project, which involves something I didn’t have experience with, I become stronger as a programmer.  I have yet to meet a new challenge that I have yet to conquer, but my extensive knowledge in programming probably has a lot to do with that.

Christopher Ervin

Technical Director, Excidium Tech, LLC

API Integration

The custom plugin we developed for this project was built to be reused for other clients.  While this plugin was built to import data into Listify, we have worked with YourMembership on other projects.  If you are using YourMembership as your Association Management System, contact us today to discuss getting your association set up with an effective member directory!

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