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Front-End Development

Not all projects require advanced custom development, Social Social was a simple conversion project from design comps.  Many designers worry about having someone else convert their designs into functional code, but the designer was very pleased with our work.  While we don’t generally work with Bootstrap, this project required it to be used.  We prefer to handle responsive design with custom CSS, to reduce the amount of bloat from third-party code; however, when it is required, we get the job done.

Style Guides

When working on design comps, from a designer, it is always beneficial to have a Style Guide.  A Style Guide is a document which details the color scheme, font utilization, font sizes, font weights, and dimension information on various aspects of the design.

Pixel Perfect

While everyone throws this term around, there isn’t really a such thing as “Pixel Perfect”.  While designs are made at specific resolutions, which can be matched, responsiveness and pixel density can throw off a design.  We rely on “em” over “px” to ensure designs are perfect.

Designer vs Developer

There is a huge difference between a designer and a developer, not all designers can write code.  When designers and developers are working together, they have to collaborate to ensure their individual efforts are able to maximize results for the client.

Custom Designs

Many clients may seek out a designer before consulting with a developer, but clients who seek out both (at the same time) yield better results.  When designers and developers work in a collaborative fashion, throughout the entire development process, the project runs very smooth.


The designer brought us onto this project because we worked well together on a previous project.  We enjoy collaborating with designers and always welcome being contacted by other professionals in our industry.

What our clients are saying about us!

I sub-contracted Chris for a job that I was feeling very anxious about. The tasks at hand were really out of the ordinary, some things I never knew WordPress was even capable of. Chris quickly assured me that if they were possible he would be able to complete them. He started working the next day and quickly got his hands dirty. His level of communication, often daily, was on par or better than any other developers I’ve worked with in this industry. Within a couple of weeks, all tasks were completed and I was really excited to show the client what we had accomplished. I’m now searching for projects that I can specifically hire Chris for again. He is one of the greatest assets I have found in my 7 years of freelancing.

Tyler Savin

Designer / Professor, Freelance

Full Service Development

Regardless of what type of project you have, whether it required custom development or not, we are fully capable of handling any project you may have.  From simple WordPress websites (using third-party themes and plugins) to 100% custom solutions (building everything from scratch), we do it all.  If we cannot handle something in-house, we can help you connect with a professional who can.  We never outsource development work, but may outsource design, content production, marketing, and/or advertisement services; however, we will inform you and let you decide if you’d prefer to work with those professionals directly.

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