WordPress Development Services

I build WordPress websites! If it is based in WordPress, I can handle the job. I am a full-stack developer, so I can handle development for both the front-end and back-end of websites. Need help with a specific plugin or theme? I've got you covered! Also, I can handle custom development requests.

Standard WordPress

Affordable WordPress Development

Want to know the truth? When you install a third-party theme and use only third-party plugins, there is very little code involved. If a developer isn't making modifications to the theme or plugin, then they are doing administration work only. What is administration work? Well that is basically anything that anyone could do. Installing and configuring themes/plugins is pretty simple. Therefore, it should be pretty cheap as well.

My "Standard" service is no different! I install a third-party theme and configure it for utilization. I also install third-party plugins and configure them for utilization. I will also provide you with insight as to what themes and plugins will be most effective. By third-party, this means someone else is responsible for the development of those resources. I probably won't even break a sweat doing it, so I'm not going to charge you an arm and a leg for it either.

Advanced Services

Now we are talking!

My "Advanced" service includes any custom code that may be required. Looking to make WooCommerce do something that isn't currently possible? That's what I consider "Advanced". I am a full-stack developer so I can do anything regarding PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery. Want to customize a third-party theme? I've got that covered! I've worked on many projects demanding custom functionality. From API integration, to turning WooCommerce into a retail-oriented crowdfunding platform, to complete custom themes from the ground up. If it can be done, I can do it!

Custom development isn't cheap, so if you have a budget I will need to know it in advance. I will find the most optimal path to accomplishing your goals within your budget. Sometimes 100% custom solutions aren't going to be possible. For that, there may be several third-party plugins that can be utilized together to accomplish your goal. I will focus on writing only the code that is required, to enable you to maximize your budget's potential.

Top-Notch Service

I go the extra mile for my clients! I treat every project as it was a project of my own. Also, I will ensure that potential issues are found before they ever have the opportunity to become problems. I will serve as your technical guide and provide you with the crucial information you need to make more effective decisions. From the very beginning, to the very end, I will do everything that I can to ensure you receive a website that exceeds your expectations!

Personal Service

I get to know my clients and what they need.

Holistic Approach

I implement the most effective solutions.

7+ Years

I conquer challenges based on real experience.


I am an effective communicator!


I'm not just an administrator, I actually know how to write code.  Don't be left stranded by service providers who can't do anything outside of the administration panel!

HTML5 Front-End Website Development


Semantic HTML5 mark-up for front-end development.

Accessibility-Friendly Code
PHP Back-End Programming


PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.* for Back-End Programming of your website!

Custom Functionality
CSS Responsive Website Development


Responsive Website Development comes by default, not extra!

Mobile-Friendly Code
100% Bug-Free Guarantee


All work is guaranteed to be free from bugs due to Developer-Error!

Find a bug, get it fixed!
JavaScript Front-End Programming


Vanilla and jQuery JavaScript for Front-End Programming!

Custom or Third-Party


Optimization for both the Front-End and Back-End of your website!

Page Speed Matters

Ready to begin?

Regardless of your budget, contact me. Tell me what you need and I'll do everything I can to help. I can't guarantee I can accomplish every goal within every budget. However, in that scenario, I will tell you why and how you can proceed. If I'm not the right developer for your project, I will let you know up front.