Advanced WordPress Development

When you need more than just standard development services, look no further! Regardless of your needs, I have you covered! Looking for a custom plugin? I can build it. Looking for a custom theme based off of a PSD you have available? I love converting designs! Looking for custom code to bridge several third-party plugins together? Challenging, but I love a challenge! Seriously, it doesn't matter what type of project you have. Contact me today!

Available Services

My projects fall into one of three categories: WordPress Development, Custom Theme Development, or Custom Plugin Development.

WordPress Development

Starting at $3,500

Mostly, these projects involve customizing a third-party theme for a WordPress website.

Custom Themes

Starting at $3,000

Custom theme development includes converting designs into a fully-functional WordPress theme.

Custom Plugins

Starting at $2,500

Typically, I create custom plugins are for any custom functionality that a client requires.

Ready to begin?

Regardless of your budget, contact me. Tell me what you need and I'll do everything I can to help. Honestly, I can't guarantee I can accomplish every goal within every budget. However, in that scenario, I will tell you why and how you can proceed. If I'm not the right developer for your project, I will let you know up front.

Coming Soon!

I am working on a project, named Excelsius. This project will allow me to provide much more value to clients who need Advanced Development Services. Visit the Benefits of Excelsius page to learn more about what Excelsius could do for you!

Small Budget?

Low budget? You can get services with no money down and up to 52 weeks to pay with Fundbox Pay! Simply, visit Fundbox Pay - to apply for special financing! Regardless, contact me and I will do my best to work with you.

The concept of Excelsius is to permit clients to get access to everything they need to build a successful website. Building websites will be akin to building a jig-saw puzzle. Where, every single piece can attach to every other piece. Additionally, another added benefit is that the pieces can be moved around with ease. Lastly, drastic updates to the look of a website will be much more cost efficient. You can do anything to produce entirely different outcomes. If you are looking for an advanced WordPress website, contact me to learn more about what Excelsius can provide.
Maintenance is crucial to any custom development project. Especially, if any custom code relies on third-party code. Future updates, to third-party resources, can render custom functionality useless. Quite often, this can result in a website having a fatal error and crashing. Excelsius will be maintained, similar to a third-party resource, to mitigate this future-incompatibility. Maintenance is funded through revenue generated by Excelsius Hosting.
This hosting service is already set up and every client automatically gets 1 year of free hosting. Excelsius Hosting is the combination of many different components. Benefits Include: optimization, back-ups, up-time monitoring, updates, image optimization, and a performance-tuned server. Relax, never worry about dealing with a hosting company's tech support ever again!
I am offering prospective clients and opportunity to become Founders. Purposefully, this is to fund the Excelsius project. As a Founder, you will receive 50% off of the initial development of your website (with Excelsius). If interested, please visit the Excelsius Information website to learn more.