Standard WordPress Development

When you have a smaller budget, and need a lot of functionality, look no further! My standard WordPress development services are tailored to provide clients with more bang for their buck. I will help find the most effective theme, determine the most effective plugins, and get everything set up for you to take over. I also throw in some goodies that other service providers may forget or charge extra for.

WordPress Development Pricing

The prices listed below are starting prices and do not include custom development. For custom work, we will need to discuss this prior to the start of your project.


Starting at $799.95

A brochure website is one of the most basic websites. The website provides information to visitors about your business and/or service. Perfect for small businesses who do not sell physical products.


Starting at $999.95

Corporate websites provide more information than a standard Brochure website does. Generally, the extra information consists of your team, your mission, or dive more into what your company does.


Starting at $1,199.95

An eCommerce website will help you sell to a much larger audience when you sell physical products. Also, it is perfect for clients who sell digital products or can bundle services into fixed-rate packages.

Fast and Effective

Most standard websites are developed and ready to go within 48 to 72 hours. Other service providers charge $2,000 to $5,000 for very similar services. With me, you will be able to stretch your dollar to maximize the effectiveness of your investment. Don't hesitate, contact me and let me know how I can help!

What you can expect!

You can expect the following to be included with my Standard Website Development service.


Based on our communication, I will choose a reputable third-party theme to use for your website. These themes provide the overall look/feel of your website and define the content structure. Customization of these themes are an extra cost, so budget-minded clients need to ensure they are happy with the theme before moving forward.


Technically, anyone perform the same work that I do on these websites - to an extent. Simply, I install and configure third-party resources (resources developed by other parties) to produce a basic website. However, I go further than the bare minimum, include optimization efforts (by default), and provide clients with 1 year of hosting absolutely free of charge.


The reason top-notch providers do not provide this type of service is that some third-party resources result in slower loading websites. In order to combat this, I provide optimization services for every website I build - to ensure they load as quickly as possible. Optimization is further improved through server-based efforts, which my hosting service includes.


Hosting can often be a huge factor in how quickly a website loads. So, I am offering every client 1 year of maintenance and hosting at absolutely no cost. My hosting environment is designed for optimization and performance, to allow standard websites to load more efficiently. Hosting beyond that 1 year mark is subject to additional costs.

Take control!

After the initial development of your website, you will have full control. By using the Administration Panel, you will be able to add, update, and remove content as you see fit. I won't lock you into having to go through me each time you want to make a modification.

Additional Information

Learn more about what goes into my standard WordPress development services.

WordPress Development

Process involved with standard WordPress development.

When you contact me, I will start out by wanting to get to know more about you and your business. I want to make sure I have a good enough understanding of what you may need. This is to ensure my services can be effective for your needs. I will ask you about your budget, you overall goals, and what you are looking to accomplish. Once I have everything I need, I will begin working on a customized plan of action for your new site.
During this phase we will find the right theme for your website and what plugins your site will require. Keeping your budget in mind, this plan of action will be tailored to your exact needs. If all parties are in agreement, I will begin development of your website.
I will start out by getting your website set up on my hosting account, then install the theme and the plugins. Then, I will configure everything to get your website set up and ready for content. At the same time, you will need to provide all content and all images that will be used for the website. If needed, I will also adjust the theme's color scheme to match your company's brand.
Once I am finalized with everything, you will have the opportunity to review the website. Then, once you approve the website, we are ready to launch. Since the website is hosted on my hosting account, all we need to do it point your domain to the website. You can sit back and enjoy 1 year of free hosting on me.

Hosting / Maintenance

Here is what you can expect with my hosting service!

The server I use for hosting client websites is specifically tailored to optimize the speed of a WordPress-based website. You will have access to all of the latest technology that will help your website load more efficiently. Additionally, every client will receive free access to image optimization. Therefore, this will help ensure images do not slow down the load time of your website. Also, I follow this up with automatic installation and configuration of optimization plugins.
Every client will have access to a redundant backup solution that we have implemented. Clients will get access to individual post backups, off-site backups, and server-based backups. If any single backup method fails, we can recover your website with ease.
Every website will come with automatic up-time monitoring. If your website goes down for any reason, I will be alerted and will work towards getting it back up.
Your website will need to be updated to ensure it has the latest performance and security improvements. Updates will be handled automatically, so you never have to worry about your website becoming out of date.