WordPress Services

Our specialization is handling custom development, custom functionality, requirements. Our WordPress Services are geared towards the planning, research, development, and support, of custom development solutions. From customizing third-party resources to bringing an idea to reality with custom development, we love unique and challenging projects.

Excelsius Designs - Fast and Affordable WordPress Design

WordPress Services

What We Do

  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Third-Party Theme Customization
  • Third-Party Plugin Customization
  • WordPress API Integration
  • Front-End Development (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Back-End Programming (PHP)
  • MySQL Database Administration
  • Consultation, and more…

Notable Organizations

Solutions Built For:

  • Pacific Pile & Marine
  • AAPC – American Association of Political Consultants
  • SOWH – Section on Women’s Health
  • UNC – School of Medicine
  • Caldera Medical
  • Wonder Media LLC
  • Monarch Media, Inc.
  • StorageCraft Technology Corporation

About WordPress Services

Custom, Not Off-The-Shelf!

We’ve had some clients tell us that another agency, and even freelancers, have tried to sell them on an off-the-shelf solution. When you have a professional telling you that your ideas cannot be done, that is because they aren’t capable of delivering. Don’t waste your time with someone who only installs third-party code into a WordPress website, they are just limiting your potential.

We use a holistic approach to determining the most effective course of WordPress development. If a third-party tool has a lot of the functionality you desire, we can expand upon existing functionality to deliver the rest. If there isn’t a third-party tool that does what you are looking to accomplish, we will build a solution that meets your needs.

When it comes to WordPress, you can get a head start and save some serious money. However, when you need more, look outside-the-box with custom development using our WordPress services.

TalentLMS API WordPress Integration

TalentLMS API Integration

Expand Your eLearning Site!

Looking to integrate TalentLMS into WordPress? We’ve got you covered with TalentLMS API Integration. We can get your eLearning website set up so that your users can access TalentLMS Courses and Units directly in your WordPress eLearning website.

YourMembership API WordPress Integration

YourMembership API Integration

Expand Your Member Directory

Looking to integrate YourMembership into WordPress? We’ve got you covered with YourMembership API Integration. We can get your Association or Member Directory website set up so that your visitors can easily search for members of your association.

CrossPostIt API WordPress Integration

CrossPostIt API Integration

Connect Your eCommerce Site!

Looking to integrate CrossPostIt into WordPress? We’ve got you covered with CrossPostIt API Integration. We can get your eCommerce website set up so that you can market your products to customers directly.

WordPress Performance and Security Optimization

Performance & Security

Protect Your Investment!

A slow loading website is bad for business. We can improve the performance of your website to achieve optimal page load times. WordPress websites are under a constant barrage of attack, protect your investment with security optimization.

Excelsius Designs - Fast and Affordable WordPress Design

Affordable WordPress Development

Affordable, Not Cheap!

Excelsius Designs was designed specifically to target a niche service for clients looking for an affordable WordPress website to be delivered quickly. If you have a tight budget, consider Excelsius Designs.

Digital Solutions Consultation for WordPress

Custom WordPress Development

Bring Your Idea To Life!

No matter what type of custom work you need done in your WordPress website, we have you covered. Contact us today to say hello and start a conversation. Tell us about you, your project, and what the inspiration behind your idea is!

What our clients are saying about us!

I feel like I found a real gem of a developer with Chris. He’s extremely thorough and explains stuff in great detail, extremely knowledgeable, extremely fast, and charges less than he is worth. Dollar for dollar, it would be hard finding more value in a developer.

Between other developers I have worked with (including my own brother, who I chose Chris over in a heartbeat if that tells you anything) and getting quotes from many more, I appreciate Chris’ approach the most. I truly feel like he’s in my corner. Always looking for unique ways of solving my unique requests, versus just trying to make it easy on himself – like I feel so many developers do.

When choosing a developer based on a quote, you really are still just taking a leap of faith and hope they are what they say they are. Chris is so much more, you will not be disappointed.

Kelly Johnson


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