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We specialize in custom WordPress development, custom solutions for MultiVendorX WordPress/WooCommerce marketplaces, custom solutions for WooCommerce eCommerce sites, building multi-vendor marketplaces, and building eCommerce sites.

We have many Production-Ready Solutions already available and are always looking for new development projects to tackle.

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About WordPress Services

Multi-Client Development

We focus on projects that can be utilized by multiple clients, such as API Integration projects. With our multi-client development approach, we can spread the cost of development among several clients to save every client thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars on custom development.

As our solutions are utilized by multiple clients, our solutions are able to become battle-tested far more quickly. As each client requests new features or solutions, we can make them available to all former clients as well. With Excidium Tech, you become part of a small community that is open to sharing technology to help not only themselves but others looking for ways to stand out on the internet.

Needless to say, we retain full ownership of all source code we develop and are not able to take on “work for hire” projects, exclusive development projects, projects involving software patents, or projects requiring a non-disclosure agreement in relation to the project itself.

Area of Specialization

What We Do

  • API Integration into WordPress
  • Website Performance & Security Optimization
  • Custom Shortcode Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Third-Party Theme Customization
  • Third-Party Plugin Customization
  • Shopify API Integration
  • TalentLMS API Integration
  • YourMembership API Integration

  • Front-End Development (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Back-End Programming (PHP)
  • MySQL Database Administration
  • Consultation, Project Management, and more…

Notable Organizations

Solutions Built For:

  • Shop Where I Live
  • Simio University
  • Pacific Pile & Marine
  • AAPC – American Association of Political Consultants
  • SOWH – Section on Women’s Health
  • UNC – School of Medicine
  • Caldera Medical
  • Wonder Media LLC
  • Monarch Media, Inc.
  • StorageCraft Technology Corporation
Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Custom MultiVendorX Development

Formerly, WC Marketplace

Take your WordPress, WooCommerce, MultiVendorX multi-vendor marketplace to the next level with our MultiVendorX Optimum Solution. Receive multi-vendor Shopify API Integration, multi-vendor Square Integration, and countless other solutions in an all-in-one solution.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Custom WooCommerce Development

Expand Your eCommerce Site

We run our own WooCommerce eCommerce site and have been development solutions for it to help us save time and money on running the site. Take a look at our WooCommerce Optimum solution to see what features we can implement in your site to save you time and money as well.

WordPress Web Development

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development

Includes our Optimum Solution

If you are interested in our Custom MultiVendorX Development solution, called Optimum, and have not yet built your multi-vendor marketplace, you can save thousands using us for both. We include our Multi-Vendor Optimum Solution with every MultiVendorX site we build!

WordPress Web Development

WooCommerce eCommerce Development

Includes Our Optimum Solution

If you are interested in our Custom WooCommerce Development solution, also called Optimum, and have not yet built your eCommerce website, you can save thousands using us for both. We include our eCommerce Optimum Solution with every WooCommerce site we build!

TalentLMS API WordPress Integration

TalentLMS API Integration

Expand Your eLearning Site!

Looking to integrate TalentLMS into WordPress? We’ve got you covered with TalentLMS API Integration. We can get your eLearning website set up so that your users can access TalentLMS Courses and Units directly in your WordPress eLearning website.

YourMembership API WordPress Integration

YourMembership API Integration

Expand Your Member Directory

Looking to integrate YourMembership into WordPress? We’ve got you covered with YourMembership API Integration. We can get your Association or Member Directory website set up so that your visitors can easily search for members of your association.

CrossPostIt API WordPress Integration

CrossPostIt API Integration

Connect Your eCommerce Site!

Looking to integrate CrossPostIt into WordPress? We’ve got you covered with CrossPostIt API Integration. We can get your eCommerce website set up so that you can market your products to customers directly.

Digital Solutions Consultation for WordPress

Considering An API Integration Project?

Bring Your Idea To Life!

If you are looking to integrate an API into WordPress, contact us and let us know what you are trying to accomplish. We are always looking for new API Integration projects and we can work with you to help save you money during initial development.

What our clients are saying about us!

I feel like I found a real gem of a developer with Chris. He’s extremely thorough and explains stuff in great detail, extremely knowledgeable, extremely fast, and charges less than he is worth. Dollar for dollar, it would be hard finding more value in a developer.

Between other developers I have worked with (including my own brother, who I chose Chris over in a heartbeat if that tells you anything) and getting quotes from many more, I appreciate Chris’ approach the most. I truly feel like he’s in my corner. Always looking for unique ways of solving my unique requests, versus just trying to make it easy on himself – like I feel so many developers do.

When choosing a developer based on a quote, you really are still just taking a leap of faith and hope they are what they say they are. Chris is so much more, you will not be disappointed.

Kelly Johnson


Excidium Tech