CrossPostIt API Integration

Looking to integrate CrossPostIt into WordPress? We’ve got you covered with CrossPostIt API Integration. We can get your eCommerce website set up so that you can market your products to customers directly.

CrossPostIt API WordPress Integration

API Integration Pricing

Starting At: $3,000

  • Product Data Import
  • Product Sales Sync
  • WooCommerce Integration

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CrossPostIt Integration

Leave Storefront behind!

CrossPostIt provides a store front to showcase your products, but sometimes you need more customization options. Whether you are looking to use your website to upload items through the API, or pull items down, we can help tackle your CrossPostIt API Integration project.

During the All For Funds project, we had to reach out to their development team. We requested some adjustments to their API. The API originally was designed to push items into their system. However, we needed to work with items already found within their system. The adjustment was to allow us to access the Internal IDs that they use for products.

That’s right, we know what APIs should be capable of doing. We will reach out to any third-party to request adjustments. That way, our clients can accomplish their goals.

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CrossPostIt is a great way to quickly post your products to eBay, Amazon, GunBroker, and Facebook. We can build you a website that is connected to the API to assist with inventory management. Contact us today to discuss integration into WordPress and WooCommerce.

Even if you aren’t ready to begin, we’d love to talk to you. We’d love to learn about you, your company, and what your hopes are for your project. We provide free initial consultation and can help get you started.

You have questions and we want to provide you with answers. There is no obligation, just our dedication to excellence!

Our Thoughts!

We originally worked on the API when the service was called SellerVantage. The API project was performed and completed in Q3 2016, which it is still running strong – to this day. After 3 years, only minor updates have been required to keep everything running optimally. We just recently performed a small update to the project in Sept 2019.

When we work on a project, we take pride in our work. We want to continue providing support so that you know you are covered no matter what happens. We are not in this profession to churn and burn, we love to continue working with our clients long after the initial project is completed.

Christopher Ervin

Technical Director,Excidium Tech, LLC

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