MultiVendorX Development

We have over 2,000 hours in custom development for the Multi-Vendor Plugin MultiVendorX, formerly WC Marketplace (WCMP).

You can get many great new features for your MultiVendorX WordPress website, such as Multi-Vendor Shopify integration, Multi-Vendor Square Integration, Twilio SMS Alerts, Vendor List, and more.

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MultiVendorX Enhancements

Take your MultiVendorX Site to the next level!

Our MultiVendorX, formerly WC Marketplace, solutions have been developed since 2020 and have been running on 20+ websites. With 2,000+ hours of development time and 1,000+ hours of post-development tuning, our solutions have been battle-tested and ready to go from day 1.

You can save countless hours and thousands of dollars with our battle-tested solutions for MultiVendorX.

Administration Enhancements

For Admins

  • Multi-Vendor Shopify Integration
  • Multi-Vendor Square Integration
  • Multi-Vendor Analytics
  • Filterable Vendor Directory
  • Improved Product Inquiries
  • Customizable Vendor Groups
  • Vendor Shipping Administration
  • Simple Shipping Tax Administration
  • Multi-Vendor Support for WooCommerce Avatax

  • Featured Vendor Products
  • Shipping Method Tax Status Sync
  • Enhanced MultiVendorX Mass Payout
  • Sorted Shipping Methods
  • Delayed Checkout Emails
  • Disable Failed Order Notifications

Vendor Enhancements

For Vendors

  • Shopify Dashboard
  • Square Dashboard
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Shopify-Like Variation Management
  • Automated Product Review Reminders
  • Twilio SMS Alerts
  • Profile Completion
  • Improved Product Inquiry Dashboard
  • Custom Order Statuses
  • Local Pickup Address on Orders
  • Enhanced Shipment Tracking
  • Enhanced Pending Shipment Widget
  • Enhanced Order List Dashboard
  • Enhanced Stats Reports
WordPress Shopify API Integration | MultiVendorX/WC Marketplace (WCMP) Multi-Vendor Shopify Integration

Multi-Vendor Shopify Integration

Import/Sync Shopify Products

Provide the ability for your vendors to import their Shopify products and keep quantity levels synced. Dashboards are provided for both Administration and Vendor management. Fine tune your set-up with many toggle-able options.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Multi-Vendor Square Integrations

Import/Sync Square Products

Provide the ability for your vendors to import their Square products and keep quantity levels synced. Dashboards are provided for both Administration and Vendor management. Fine tune your set-up with many toggle-able options.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Multi-Vendor Analytics

Internal, On-Site, Analytics

Permit vendors to get some insight on the traffic they see on their products and profile. Includes support for unique views and recurring views. Dashboards are provided for both administrators and vendors.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Filterable Vendor Directory

Let Your Vendors Shine

Permit your customers to search for vendors by name or with the use of several different filterable options. Integrates with our Customizable Vendor Groups to permit you to extend the filterable options your customers can search by.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Improved Product Inquiries

Replaces Default Inquiries

The Product Inquiry system delivered by MultiVendorX, formerly WC Marketplace, is lacking in many regards. Provide your vendors and customers with a better product inquiry system.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Customizable Vendor Groups

Showcase Custom Badges

The Customizable Vendor Groups solution allows you to create vendor groups and assign icons or badges to the groups. Groups will be shown on both products and profiles.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Vendor Shipping Admin

Quickly Resolve Vendor Shipping

The Vendor Shipping Admin solution provides a new dashboard that allows your staff to quickly see what shipping methods a vendor has and permits resolving issues faster. Includes support to send your team an email and vendors make changes to their shipping methods.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Simple Shipping Tax

Automated Shipping Taxes

The Simple Shipping Tax solution allows you to quickly set up which states require sales taxes on shipping fees. This will alter the Taxable Status of shipping methods based on your settings and can handle syncing Vendor Shipping methods to ensure they are correctly set up as well.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Multi-Vendor Support for WooCommerce Avatax

Fix Avatax Issues on Sub-Orders

By default, WooCommerce Avatax does not work with MultiVendorX, formerly WC Marketplace, our of the box. Our solution resolved several issues with WooCommerce Avatax, such as ensuring tax calculations are correct on sub-orders and correctly calculating shipping taxes (requires Simple Shipping Tax).

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Featured Vendor Products

Showcase Random Products

The Featured Vendor Products solution adds a shortcode that you can use to showcase random products. Functionality will loop through vendors and showcase 1 of their items to ensure each vendor has an opportunity to have their products featured. You can customize the duration between loops.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Enhanced Mass Payout

Resolve Mass Payout Issues

The mass payout functionality for MultiVendorX, formerly WC Marketplace, has an issue where payouts may get stuck and not permit automatic payout. With the Enhanced Mass Payout solution, this issue is fixed to ensure your vendors receive their payouts.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Sorted Shipping Methods

Better Shipping Method Ordering

Implements functionality to sort the Vendor’s Shipping Methods of Shipping Packages to assist customers when ordering. Free Shipping will be shown first, then Flat Rate shipping, and then Local Pick-up.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Delayed Checkout Emails

Improve Checkout Speed

Many emails are sent when a customer completes their order, which can slow down the performance for orders. This solution will delay all checkout emails to help reduce the amount of time spent processing the customer’s order.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Disable Failed Order Notifications

Stop Failed Order Notifications

When your multi-vendor site gets more attention, it can be prone to being bombarded by attempts of credit card fraud. If your payment provider is good, this will result in a failed order. This functionality disables the email notifications received for failed orders.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Improved Variation Management

Shopify-Like Variations

Management of variations for WooCommerce is lacking and the way Shopify handles variation management is far better. The Improved Variation Management permits automatic creation of variations and makes managing variations much easier.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Automated Product Review Reminders

Get More Product Reviews

The Product Review Reminder solution will send an email to customers after a certain period of their order being completed to ask for a review. This can help your vendors get more positive reviews on their products to increase sales.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Twilio SMS Notifications

Send Vendors Text Messages

While MultiVendorX, formerly WC Marketplace, will send emails to your vendors for many different scenarios, the Twilio SMS Notifications solution will permit vendors to add their phone number to receive text messages for many of those scenarios.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Profile Completion

Ensure Vendors are Set-Up

There are three key requirements for vendors before they should be able to post products. Those requirements are setting up a Payment Method, their Store Policies, and setting up Shipping Methods. The Profile Completion solution will make these a requirement.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Custom Order Statuses

New Order Statuses

Provide vendors with new order statuses, such as “Delayed”, “Awaiting Shipment”, and “Awaiting Pickup” to help vendors better convey the status of an order to their customers.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Local Pick-up Address

Show Address on Orders

The Local Pick-up Address will show the address of the vendor on the order so that customers are more informed as to where they need to go in order to pick up their orders.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Enhanced Shipment Tracking

Simple Tracking

The Enhanced Shipment Tracking solution modifies how tracking information is added. Vendors will be able to easily select the provider used and add the tracking number.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Enhanced Pending Shipment Widget

Faster Shipment Processing

Enhances the Pending Shipment Widget to show ALL orders that are pending shipment, regardless of how old the order is. Is expanded to include custom order statuses as well.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Enhanced Order List

Expanded Order List

Enhances the Vendor’s Order List dashboard by including the Customer’s Name, the Products purchased, and the quantity of Products purchased. Can help vendors fulfill order more swiftly by easily viewing order data in one place.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Enhanced Stats Reports

Extends Date Range of Reports

Overhauls the functionality for Stats Reports to extend the period range. Includes Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, Last 180 Days, Last 365 Days, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year, Last Year, and All Time.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

On-Going Support and Maintenance

Built-In Update Functionality

Receive critical updates automatically by opting into our long-term support (LTS) service. As our solution is marketed to multiple clients, you can get new features, bug fixes, improvements, and more, automatically to keep your site running smooth.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Extremely Customizable

Configure Based On Your Needs

All of our features can be toggled so that you can run only what you need to run. Each module can be tuned with many options to ensure our solutions work exactly how you need it to. Need more customization options? Contact us and we can help!

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Between other developers I have worked with (including my own brother, who I chose Chris over in a heartbeat if that tells you anything) and getting quotes from many more, I appreciate Chris’ approach the most. I truly feel like he’s in my corner. Always looking for unique ways of solving my unique requests, versus just trying to make it easy on himself – like I feel so many developers do.

When choosing a developer based on a quote, you really are still just taking a leap of faith and hope they are what they say they are. Chris is so much more, you will not be disappointed.

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