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Do you have a slow WordPress site where pages are taking forever to load? We can solve your issues once and for all!

Faster loading websites are proven to improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. Do not let performance issues cut into your profit potential!

With our technical expertise, we can achieve the fastest page load times possible!

Extimizer - Extreme Website Optimization

About This Service

Flat-Rate Price: $2,500

  • Front-End Optimization
  • Server-Side Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Security Optimization

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Amazing WordPress Performance!

We go beyond to achieve light-speed!

Many performance optimization solutions exist, but they are all plagued by the same limitations. It is impossible to 100% optimize any WordPress website because every third-party theme and plugin introduces a point of failure.

While there are coding standards, it is up to the theme or plugin developer to follow those standards. Most optimization solutions support general optimization, doing just enough to make an impact. However, they all fall short when it comes to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with website optimization.

Another limitation that many WordPress Optimization Solutions run into is that they all try to optimize WordPress from within WordPress. Instead of treating the website like any website, they try to find “WordPress-specific” solutions to problems that are not specific to WordPress.

In June 2020, we started developing our own website optimization solution, called Extimizer, which is specifically designed to maximize optimization by approaching optimization outside of WordPress.

With Extimizer, we focus on the HTML of the webpage and perform optimizations based solely on that HTML; so, we are able to fully optimize every webpage without any of the limitations that could be found by trying to use a WordPress-specific solution.

Extimizer is fully capable of producing Google PageSpeed Insight scores of 100 for Desktop and low-to-mid 90s for Mobile. That means sub-1 second page load times for Desktop devices and sub-2 second page load times for Mobile devices.

With our WordPress Performance & Security solution, we will also handle any custom modifications that need to occur to ensure your website loads insanely fast!

Excidium Tech's Extimizer Optimization Solution achieving a Desktop Score of 100 within Google PageSpeed Insights.

Is A Perfect Score Possible?

Yes, It Is!

Extimizer has enabled us to obtain a Desktop Score of 100 within Google PageSpeed Insights for all of our Divi-Based WordPress websites.

We also utilize Litespeed Cache, which helps further reduce page load times. As part of our Optimization Solution, we will help relocate your website to an environment so that you can use Litespeed Cache as well.

A score of 100 in Desktop means page load times of less than 1 second, our pages load between 500 to 750 ms.

What About Mobile?

How Fast Are Page Load Times?

It is important to know that the Mobile Test from Google PageSpeed Insights uses a throttled mobile device on a throttled 3G connection. Mobile devices connected to 4G or WiFi will always load faster!

With that in mind, Extimizer’s own website was able to obtain a Mobile Score of 98. That puts a page load time between 1.5 to 3 seconds on a slow mobile device and slow mobile connection.

All of our sites have a Mobile Score in the 90s for Google PageSpeed Insights.

Excidium Tech's Extimizer Optimization Solution achieving a Mobile Score of 98 within Google PageSpeed Insights.
Extimizer - Extreme Website Optimization

Every Optimization Possible!

Leave Nothing To Chance!

Extimizer takes care of front-end optimizations such as adjusting the HTML to ensure CSS, JavaScript, and Images load much more efficiently.

We also implement Litespeed Cache to handle back-end optimizations to keep your server running smooth.

Then we go even further to ensure all optimizations that can be performed are performed!

Answers to Some Questions!

Additional Information

We are hoping to anticipate some questions that may be asked and will update these in the future to provide as much information as possible.

Can I buy a License to Extimizer?

We decided to offer Lifetime Licenses as part of a larger optimization service.

Even though Extimizer is amazing, there are site-specific adjustments that need to be made due to non-standard development practices of third-party theme and plugin authors.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, there are other optimization solutions available. However, off-the-shelf solutions (including Extimizer) are not capable of achieving the performance results we can through a custom-tailored service.

What am I getting for the price?

For the price we have listed, you are getting a guarantee that your website will achieve 90s in Google PageSpeed Insights.

A Desktop Score of 90 indicates your site loads within 2 to 3 seconds (or less) for faster devices and connections. A Mobile Score of 90 indicates your site loads in 3 to 5 seconds (or less) for slower mobile devices.

We also do not bill by the hour, so we will continue making adjustments and implementing performance optimizations until your website scores 90s in Google PageSpeed Insights.

In 90% of all projects, there is absolutely no need to change any plugin or theme. If you have Video Backgrounds, we will not be able to guarantee 90s in Google PSI.

Combined, your website will be 100% optimized on the front-end and the back-end of your site. Images will be optimized, videos will be optimized, and we will implement a top-notch cache solution that won’t break dynamic functionality (such as WooCommerce).

Can I see the results up-front?

We can produce a clone of your website and show you what results you can expect out-of-the-box.

We will place the clone of your site on our own staging environment, then install and configure everything we need to.

If the clone scores 90s for both Mobile and Desktop, no further work would be required. We can simply move your website to a suitable hosting environment (if needed) and can have your website loading blazing fast within a day.

Some projects may experience issues with Extimizer and we will need to perform additional work to resolve those issues. If the clone does not score 90s, we will perform additional work until the clone does.

Our 90s in Google PSI Guarantee applies to the clone of your website. If you choose not to relocate your website and we are unable to utilize all the tools we used on the clone, then your live website may not score the same as the clone.

We strongly suggest taking all of our recommendations and allowing us to do whatever is necessary to ensure your website loads as fast as it possibly can.

We do require the compensation to be fully paid before we perform any work on your live website.

Do I have to relocate my website?

No, you do not have to relocate your website; however, you forego the 90s in Google PSI Guarantee if you choose not to.

If the hosting environment that you use is not using Litespeed Web Server, we will recommend relocation. Our full range of optimizations are incompatible with Apache, nginx, and Microsoft web servers.

We will schedule an optimal time to handle website relocation, but we will need to place your site in maintenance mode during relocation.

Relocation of your website may delay the results of optimization as we schedule relocations on weekend evenings to reduce impact to your website’s visitors.

I'm on a budget, can you work with me on price?

There are many optimization solutions on the market that would be more budget-friendly than our Optimization Service.

Our Optimization Service and Extimizer solution is designed for clients who want the best performance possible. That is a premium service and we are charging premium rates to provide exceptional results.

We only recommend our service for websites getting thousands of visitors per month. If you have a low traffic website, your money is better spent on SEO-tuned content to help increase website traffic.

The price of our Optimization Service will increase and decrease depending on demand. We will usually perform 10 to 20 of these services per year.

Can I obtain this service on behalf of my client?

Unfortunately, we do not take on sub-contracted projects and only work directly with the clients receiving our services or solutions.

We only provide specialized services and would have no interest in performing general WordPress development services.

If you are interested, we can work out a Partnership Agreement so that we can provide services directly to your clients with a Non-Compete Clause applied to any clients you specifically refer to us.

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Chris has an exceptional level of both programming skill and personal integrity. In our field, we need to leverage existing web platforms, plugins, tools and APIs. Chris is incredibly adept at working with a range of technologies and getting things integrated in an optimal way.

He is able to fully own a project and deliver on schedule and on budget. And he will deliver, not just what you ask for, but also make recommendations on how to optimize the approach.

I’ve come to rely on his deep expertise and appreciate his ability to explain and document his process. The documentation and communication he provides help us make sure that things stay on track through complex product builds.

Chris has been a critical extension of our development team and his expertise has been invaluable to our efforts.

Claire Schneeberger

Founder/Director of Learning Strategy, Monarch Media, Inc.

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