TalentLMS API Integration

Integrate your TalentLMS courses into WordPress and have a streamlined eLearning experience. Our TalentLMS Plugin can be adjusted to fit your specific needs, allowing us to get TalentLMS integrated into your website in less than a week!

TalentLMS API Integration also handles automatic login, so that your learners can move between your WordPress website and TalentLMS with ease!

TalentLMS API WordPress Integration

API Integration Pricing

Starting At: $2,000

  • Groups, Courses, Units, and Users
  • User Registration, Group and Course Enrollment
  • Custom Views for rendering Data
  • Data Import
  • Data Sync

Previous Integrations

What We’ve Already Done:

TalentLMS Integration

Bridging The Gap!

One of our most notable projects, for TalentLMS API Integration, was the SPICE program for The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC School of Medicine runs a program called the Statewide Program for Infection Control and Epidemiology. SPICE provides infection prevention training to help reduce hospital-acquired infections.

We overcame many challenges while Integrating the API into WordPress for this eLearning website project. If you are looking for an experienced team to help with your API Integration project, we’ve paved the way.

As of July 30, 2020 the price for this service has been drastically reduced. Let us know what your budget is and we will work with you! Contact us today to get started.

TalentLMS API Integration

TalentLMS has a pretty sophisticated API, which has been one of the nicest APIs we have worked with.  They have API Calls to interact with nearly everything available within TalentLMS itself.

You can interact with Courses, Categories, Groups, Branches, and Units, as well as assign users, remove users, and access user information.  The API, for TalentLMS, promotes the ability to build a custom environment for accessing and interacting with TalentLMS.

Users still need to be directed to TalentLMS to take the eLearning courses, but everything else can be done within WordPress.  Working with our service partner, we handled development of a customized TalentLMS Portal – housed directly in WordPress.

Course Layout

We chose to store TalentLMS data within custom database tables, because data needed to be easily updated.  Often, it is faster to remove the existing data and then load new data into those custom database tables.

This project assigned users to a Group, which a single Course is attached to.  Upon assigning the user to the Group, they are automatically enrolled in the associated Course.  The Course’s Units are then displayed within WordPress, for consumption.

As a user proceeds through the Course’s Units, their progression is tracked.  Completing one Unit then unlocks the next Unit, which continues until the user has completed the Course.

For this project, we used visual elements to indicate when a Unit was completed; based on the information we obtain from TalentLMS.

Automagical Links

For this project, we utilized TalentLMS Go-To Links, which automatically logs a user into TalentLMS without needing a password.  Regardless of the user’s progress, these links load the Course where the user left off.

While TalentLMS does provide a way to link to individual Units, there was a possibility that a user’s WordPress session could last longer than their TalentLMS session.  Since TalentLMS doesn’t have a way to track a user’s TalentLMS sessions, we couldn’t confidently know if a user was still logged into TalentLMS.

The Automagical Links permitted linking without needing to handle Single Sign-On (SSO) or having to worry about whether a user was still logged into TalentLMS.  We made sure the UX matched what could be expected in TalentLMS and users can still navigate between the Units when in TalentLMS.

Once the user clicks through to TalentLMS, a simple “Click to start” button is present.


This particular project was a fairly simple integration of TalentLMS for WordPress.  There is a lot more that the API is capable of and we are looking forward to a much deeper integration of TalentLMS into WordPress.

There are many Learning Management Systems (LMS) out there and TalentLMS is just one of them.  However, with TalentLMS, you can transform a WordPress website into a full LMS with ease.

WordPress is a great Content Management System (CMS), but it doesn’t make for a very effective LMS directly.  By harnessing the power of a full-fledged LMS (like TalentLMS), WordPress can become a highly effective way to deliver eLearning content.

If you work with SCORM Modules, Tin Can, or AICC for eLearning Content, TalentLMS can support that content – which can then be delivered in WordPress.

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