TalentLMS API Integration

You may be considering TalentLMS API Integration into WordPress for many reasons. The most common reason is the lack of control over the look and feel of the user-facing portal for TalentLMS.

With our TalentLMS API Integration solution, you can house the entire eLearning experience of TalentLMS directly within your WordPress website. If this sounds like what you are looking for, continue reading to learn about all of the features you can receive with our TalentLMS API Integration solution.

TalentLMS API WordPress Integration

API Integration Pricing

Flat-Rate Price: $4,500

  • Import Groups, Courses, Units, and Users.
  • Groups, Courses, Units, and Users
  • User Registration, Group and Course Enrollment
  • Custom Views for Courses and My Courses
  • Automated and Optimized Data Sync

Previous Integrations

What We’ve Already Done:

Total TalentLMS API Integration

Give Your eLearners A Better Experience!

TalentLMS provides their own WordPress Plugin, so you may be wondering: What makes our TalentLMS API Integration solution any different?

The key difference is that our TalentLMS API Integration solution provides 100% Integration of TalentLMS’ API into WordPress.

Your eLearners will be able to register accounts, enroll in courses and groups, as well as track their course progression as they engage in your eLearning content directly from your WordPress website.

Customizable Courses Overview Page with Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration solution.

TalentLMS Course Overview

Customizable Templates

Display a list of available TalentLMS Courses anywhere on your website with a custom shortcode.

Templates are 100% customizable to change how the TalentLMS Courses are displayed on your WordPress website.

If a user is not enrolled, they will be shown a “Purchase Course” link. A lightbox screen will pop-up to allow the user to purchase the course through PayPal.

TalentLMS My Course Overview

Cleaner Design

Using a separate shortcode, you can display a list of courses that a user is already enrolled in. From here, the user can navigate to see in-depth Course Progression information.

Users will also be able to use a manual sync button that will permit them to ensure they always have the most up-to-date TalentLMS information.

Future improvements may combine the Courses and My Course page to streamline the experience.

Customizable My Courses Overview Page with Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration solution.
Customizable Single Course Overview Page with Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration solution.

TalentLMS Unit Overview

Track Unit Progression

With your WordPress website, your eLearners will be able to track all of their TalentLMS Unit progression.

From this page, your eLearners can launch the course. A lightbox will pop-up and the user can take your TalentLMS eLearning Courses directly from your WordPress website.

We cannot import Units directly into WordPress and other solutions may navigate your users to TalentLMS, which can impact the overall User Experience.

Launch TalentLMS Courses

Lightbox Pop-Up

To keep your eLearners on your WordPress website, TalentLMS Courses are launched within a lightbox.

Once the user is finished, they can simply close the lightbox and refresh the page (or perform a data sync) to update their TalentLMS Course Progression.

The user will be able to fully navigate your TalentLMS portal from within this lightbox, but they will always begin at the course they launched from your WordPress website.

Launching a TalentLMS Course brings up the Course in a Lightbox with Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration solution.
Administration Panel Overview showing TalentLMS API Information from Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration Solution

TalentLMS API Information

Full-Featured Admin Panels

From within your WordPress Administration area, you can get a complete picture of your TalentLMS API Integration.

View the total number of users, courses, categories, groups, your API call limit, how many API calls are remaining, and the last time you performed a full data sync.

At any time, you can also initiate a manual TalentLMS Data Sync to pull down the most up-to-date information. TalentLMS Data is also automatically synced through a WP Cron Task.

TalentLMS Course Overview – Admin

View Synced Courses

You can quickly see which TalentLMS Courses have been imported and the Course ID of those courses.

With the Course ID, you can fine-tune other settings to include or discriminate courses so that only the courses you want imported will be imported.

Information notices are placed to help make the configuration of our TalentLMS API Integration solution easier.

Administration Panel Overview showing Imported TalentLMS Course Information from Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration Solution
Administration Panel Overview showing Linked TalentLMS User Information from Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration Solution

TalentLMS Enrolled User Overview – Admin

Manually Enroll Users

From your WordPress Administration area, you will be able to see which WordPress Users have been synced with TalentLMS Users and how many Courses they have been Enrolled into.

If needed, you can also handle Manual Enrollment by providing the TalentLMS User ID and the TalentLMS Course ID within the form found on this Admin Panel.

Future improvements may include another screen to showcase exactly which TalentLMS Courses the user has enrolled in.

TalentLMS API Integration Settings #1

Tune Data Sync

You will be able to fine-tune the intervals with regards to TalentLMS Data Sync.

If you have fewer users, you can reduce the interval period to permit data syncs to occur more frequently.

User Data is synced periodically when the user is logged in and active on your website. This may cause a slight delay in page load times when the data sync occurs.

Administration Settings Panel allowing you to fine-tune your TalentLMS Integration with Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration Solution
Administration Settings Panel allowing you to fine-tune your TalentLMS Integration with Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration Solution

TalentLMS API Integration Settings #2

Restrict Courses and Units

You can define which Courses you want to show within your WordPress website as well as which Courses you want to make available to the user to purchase or enroll in.

This feature can be beneficial if you have multiple eLearning subjects and want to split up your TalentLMS eLearning content between multiple WordPress websites.

Future improvements may allow multiple pages to be created to group available courses for a cleaner user experience.

TalentLMS API Integration Settings #3

User Registration

You can choose whether you want to automatically register TalentLMS User Accounts when a New User is created within your WordPress website.

Our solution also provides a unique feature which will create WordPress User Accounts when your existing TalentLMS users sign into WordPress using their TalentLMS Login Information.

Any time a user logs in, our solution will also check TalentLMS to see if the user’s email address exists within TalentLMS and will automatically link the two accounts together.

Administration Settings Panel allowing you to fine-tune your TalentLMS Integration with Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration Solution
Administration Settings Panel allowing you to fine-tune your TalentLMS Integration with Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration Solution

TalentLMS API Integration Settings #4

Future Improvements

As new features are added to our TalentLMS API Integration solution, those features will be set up to be disabled by default.

All clients, purchasing our solution, will receive a Lifetime License Key that will provide them with updates to future improvements and fixes.

When new features are released, you can simply visit the Settings Page to enable those features – no additional costs will apply.

TalentLMS API Credentials

Simply Add To Get Started!

You will need to set up our TalentLMS API Integration solution with your API Key and API Domain.

Once you hit save, your TalentLMS data (courses, units, groups, categories) should begin to import.

All Data Syncs will clear out existing data and import fresh data, so you can make adjustments at any time (such as restricting courses) and the next Data Sync will reflect your changes.

Administration Panel showing where TalentLMS API Information is set within Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration Solution.
Per-User Settings allowing Manual Linking between existing WordPress User and TalentLMS User accounts within Excidium Tech's TalentLMS API Integration Solution.

Manual TalentLMS User Linking

Different Email Addresses?

As long as your WordPress User is using the same Email Address, that they used on TalentLMS, the two accounts should automatically sync.

In scenarios where a user is using two different Email Addresses, you can edit their WordPress User information and set the TalentLMS User ID.

Once the TalentLMS User ID is set, a link between the WordPress and TalentLMS User Accounts will be created for future Data Syncs.

Answers to Some Questions!

Additional Information

We are hoping to anticipate some questions that may be asked and will update these in the future to provide as much information as possible.

Is this a Custom Solution?

API Integration projects are primarily defined by the API that is being integrated. Our solution has all of the TalentLMS API capabilities developed already and has been implemented into live websites.

The “custom” aspect of API Integration projects comes in with regards to the look and feel of the data being rendered within your website.

On top of receiving the 100% Production-Ready Solution, we will also handle any custom development required to ensure the solution fits your very specific requirements.

Why not just sell the solution as a Premium Plugin?

While we could sell the solution as a Premium Plugin, any custom development needs you have will still cost money.

Instead of offering the solution to the masses, we sell our solutions as Semi-Exclusive Premium Solutions.

This allows us to focus on the specific needs of a few select clients instead of trying to meet the varying demands of a larger number of customers.

While this places a higher cost on the “Premium License”, we can also address your custom development needs at the same time.

As we developed this solution, we are the foremost experts on it. We can make adjustments to the solution itself to ensure any custom requirements you have can be met.

Is Custom Development Included?

Custom Development is limited to customization of the TalentLMS API Integration solution itself.

We may be open to taking on unrelated custom development work, but doing so will require additional compensation.

You will have 30 days from the start of your project to make requests for customization. Any requests after 30 days may require additional compensation.

Customization requests are either implemented as a separate plugin (specific to the client) or rolled into the code base of the solution itself.

This depends on the usefulness of the feature and whether it can be implemented with backwards compatibility.

Can I just buy a License and hire someone else for customization?

The Flat-Rate Price we have listed is the price of the License. Custom Development is included at no additional cost as we may choose to implement custom requests into the code base of the solution itself.

You are more than welcome to hire another programmer or agency to handle customization. However, the cost of the solution itself will not change.

If your developer needs additional actions or filters (WordPress Hooks) implemented, let us know what the developer is trying to do and we can do our best to accommodate it.

Will I own the source code?

No, all source code that we produce is licensed under the GPL (GNU General Public License). We retain all intellectual property rights naturally afforded to us by US Copyright Laws.

We do not accept any “Work For Hire” type of work and do not transfer ownership of any of our work.

If you are looking for exclusive ownership of source code (including intellectual property rights), we recommend hiring an employee or working with a freelancer / agency who is willing to accept “Work For Hire” arrangements.

We reserve the right to do whatever we want with any source code we produce, including the right to license it to other parties.

What can I expect once I contact you?

Once you contact us, we will reach out and set up a Staging Site for you to test TalentLMS API Integration.

If our solution is what you are looking for, we will work with you to define any customization requirements that you may have.

If you have customization requirements, we require 50% down and will begin implementing the customization work once we receive the down payment. Once you are happy with the customization work, the remaining 50% is due before we deliver any source code to you.

If you do not have any customization requirements, the full payment is due before we can transfer source code to you.

Once we have received full payment, we will implement the solution (and any custom work) onto your website for testing.

We provide a 100% Bug-Free Warranty on the TalentLMS API Integration Solution and will resolve any reported bugs as quickly as possible. This guarantee is perpetual for as long as we continue offering and supporting the solution.

Any custom work that is not implemented into the code base of the solution is covered under a 90-Day Bug-Free Guarantee. We will resolve bugs, at no additional cost, that we reported within 90 days of project completion.

From the start of your project, you will have 30 days to request any customization work. We will handle reasonable requests at no additional cost, but extensive customization requests may require additional compensation.

We provide prompt communication, responding to all inquiries within 24 hours (often within 1 to 3 hours of receiving them) and are available to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have.

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I found a delightful development partner in Mr. Ervin. Incredibly thorough, savvy enough to pinpoint gaps in project scope and make appropriate logical connections. Chris has been a guiding hand through a long, complex project with many moving parts and kept a watchful eye and lent a hand long past the deliverable date. Unparalleled and prompt support. Chris also is unique in that each step of his process is thoroughly explained and documented in detail. Expectation and milestone management is clearly outlined and agreed upon and all of those were met or exceeded. I would easily work with Chris again.

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